Ever get the urge to run away, disappear and start over again?

It sneaks up on  me from time to time. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy enough with my life but occasionally my tiny mind prompts me to just run away.  That little voice whispers “It wasn’t supposed to be like this, it was supposed to be glamorous and fun, not normal and dull.  Let’s just jump on a plane and go, tell no one.”

I fantasise about being the exotic mysterious person swanning about NYC or Europe freelancing in whatever it is I’m doing in this made up life, never being pinned down to reality and responsibility.

I even think about how I’d let the people I care about know that I was still alive without giving my whereabouts* away .  I don’t let the mundane issues of having a husband, cats, friends, bank accounts and earning actual money get in the way of these plans; glamorous people just have stuff come to them and they get invited to interesting exclusive events every night of the week right???  😉

I generally shut that little voice up with something expensive or with booze.  Neither of these are a great option, I get that.  I do know that I can spice up my life, but I also wonder how stopping off at a new shopping centre or trying a new way home from work became an exciting thing to do, I’m sure I’m not that person.

So is it just me that wonders how life got dull and normal that has this urge to run or do we all suffer from slight delusions of interestingness occasionally?

*Super Sammie, you ever get an unsigned post card from Guggenheim, I’ve gone rouge, tell the others I’m fine!