Still Here

I’ve not dropped off the face of the planet (or off the wagon) I promise!

Been traveling  for work across this wide brown land – very brown at the moment, goodness Australia needs some rain.

156 days with no booze… it’s been a challenge picking out wines for the events I’m hosting…

1. I’m getting nostalgic for the lovely wines I won’t be drinking.

2. Turns out I’m kind of a tight arse when I won’t be drinking. Having trouble justifying spending my clients money on “the good stuff” when I don’t have a vested interest!  LOL

I’ve been fair though, my clients aren’t reduced to drinking the $5 bottles, I promise.  I’ve been choosing a good middle quality booze for them  🙂

Well, that’s my 5 minutes in between meetings, hope you are all happy and healthy.  Oh, and if anyone happened to visit the new Star Wars land at Disney that opened this week, I’d love to hear about it!

Here’s Some Jam


My friend is in pain and all I can do is bring her jam and be there if she needs me while her world is dark.

That’s it, still trollying along on my year off booze, work is insane but I’m a happy and healthy and that’s pretty good as far as I’m concerned.

Still Paddling

Life’s frantic ATM so this is a quick check in to say, I’m still here and still paddling along.  Hope you are all well good internet peeps. I promise to catch up on all of my blog buddies soon!

Have a happy, healthy Monday all.

Trying for Serenity


I’m still here, crazy busy and will be until the next major event is done in mid November.

(They just seem to keep stacking up on top of one another!)

I’m tracking along ok, apart from too many balls in the air. I’m neglecting my fitness which is impacting my mood, so I’m trying for serenity in little bite sized pieces wherever I can get my hands on it.

Crazy Cat Boy started a new job where he doesn’t get to boss anyone around, so he has a tendency to try and boss me around instead, under the guise of “helping” mind you.  I don’t think he even knows he’s doing it, but it drives me nuts. I have to remember that “this to will pass” and he’s under a stack of pressure to make this new job work… it was a bit of a calculated risk in our industry, but it’ll fly in one way shape or form.  And when it does he’ll have staff to tell what to do instead of me!  LOL

Spring is working it’s magic here and we’ve planted out the tomatoes and the rest of the summer veggies so I’m looking forward to being able to walk into the back yard and pick my lunch again soon.

So that’s me in a nutshell, thanks for reading along, I know it’s a bit mundane, but realistically that’s my life. LOL

PS: after another month off the wine I had a couple of drinks with Super Sammie the other night while visiting her State.  They were nice, but it didn’t inspire me with a desire to do it again anytime soon, the wine that is, not the visit, that I enjoyed!  


Out of the darkness into the light

Yay, a new blog from my smart, healthy friend!

Whisper Nutrition

I was asked all day about how I ended up going down  this path so I’m briefly going to tell you. Although this story starts off sad it has a happy ending to look forward too. I grew up in a world of addicts , narcissist , criminals and liars and I felt like there with no safe places to hide. I went from school to school in fact I stopped counting at 31, so please excuse any spelling mistakes. My back story can rival any novelist imagination ! However it’s the  life altering years I’m focusing on today. I used to ask myself questions like why are people mean to me and why don’t they see the real me or hear what I’m saying. Also I was thinking that ” I must have done something terrible in my last life to deserve this “ , why am I even…

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Missing My Family – Furry & Otherwise

I’m away for work ATM and am missing my entire family.  The poor girl cat had to have four teeth out yesterday and I’m not there to give her a pat.  Sure, Crazy Cat Boy is there, but I feel guilty that I’m not.

I’m missing Crazy Cat Boy as well.  He’s on holidays before his new job starts (going to be a risk, but a calculated risk so I’m worried about that as well!) and has been away visiting his family so I’ve not seen him much. Or spoken to him, as he’s between jobs he’s also between phones.  Wow, you don’t realise how much you rely on them now until one of you don’t have one!  I guess missing him is a good thing though!  LOL

Right, I’m off to score the best spot in the meeting room before the hoards arrive… two days of wanna be alfa males beating their chests to impress the new boss, I’m going to be doing a lot of eye rolling!

PS: 22 days built up again with no booze.  I really haven’t missed it much this time around.

Well, I’m Back and I’m here to Stay


It’s been months and a lot has happened in my life but I’m finally back where I need to be.  I’m motivated and have a much clearer understanding of what I’m doing with my life.

I’ll be updating the blog regularly and sharing some of the unique journeys that I’m going to take this year with you all.

Stay tuned, I can’t promise it will be interesting but I can promise it’ll be honest.

Do WE Have A Problem?


I’ve been thinking a lot about my drinking and have “casually” discussed the need to cut back our drinking with Crazy Cat Boy, something he’s agreed with.

I thought that I was the one with the problem, but now I’m not so sure it’s just me.   I arrived home from a trip away last weekend to a lovely dinner and a waiting glass of bubbles.  This is all very romantic and I appreciate it.  However that glass turned into three bottles and a lost Sunday. That’s pretty crap, and that is precisely how I felt as well.

Last night would have been five days straight alcohol free, I even took myself off for a massage to reward myself.  When I got home CCB immediately suggested bubbles, he’d done it the night before too but I’d declined as I had to be up early to pick my boss up from the airport.  I didn’t even say yes before he was out the door to get some (to be fair, I didn’t say no either).  Now I knew I didn’t want it, I didn’t enjoy it, but drank two bottles.  That’s right inside the space of five days we’ve drunk five bottles between us.

This has to stop and now I’m worried that I’ll have not only my own potential problem to deal with but to gently find out if he is concerned about his own drinking.  I’m a bit confused and not sure how to deal with it all.

On a positive note last Friday, completely sober I had dinner with an old school friend that I hadn’t seen in 28 years.  We accidently picked a dry restaurant and it didn’t matter at all.  I can be chatty and fun without booze!  We are going to pick up where we left off with another old school friend in a next month in my home town and I can’t wait.

Do I Have A Problem?

wine-glassI’ve been worried about this for a while…

Alcoholism runs deep on both sides of my family.  A maternal aunt spent most of her adult life in an assisted living facility due to brain damage from alcohol and dad is a functioning alcoholic.

I’ve always known that I had the capacity to develop a serious problem with alcohol.  I develop patterns and habits quickly. This is great when it comes to work, I’m one of those people who employers talk about when they ask for someone who can “hit the ground running”, however it also means that sharing a couple of bottles of wine a night with Crazy Cat Boy also becomes a pattern fast.

It scares me that I can easily drink a bottle of wine and not feel any real ill effects the next day.  That isn’t normal drinking, is it?  No, don’t bother answering that, it isn’t, I know that.

Am I a drunk? I don’t drink every night, but when I do I get drunk and I’ve started falling asleep in front of the TV (or is that passing out?), I don’t drink on my own, but I’ve got a build in drinking buddy in CCB, I don’t fall down drunk in public, I don’t skip work due to hangovers, but I am less productive and tend to waste time on those days.

Today’s post is inspired by the fact that I knew I had a big day, one where I need to be creative and also hold my own with my boss on a new product that we disagree on. So the sensible course of action would have been to have one glass with the neighbour when she brought over a thank you bottle and then gone to be early.  Did that happen, hell no.  She went home; we finished the bottle and then went and got another!  As a result of that I had a bad sleep and have a mild hangover on top of bad hay fever and I’m feeling crap.

So, should I quit all together?  I know what when I don’t drink I’m calmer, more focused and I look better.  I’m also scared that I’m more concerned about what wine is doing to my hair and skin than my liver and brain, seriously what kind of mess up thinking is that?

Can I quit? That might be the even scarier question.

The Harsh Truth Of Pencil Skirts

pencil skirt.jpgIt’s been a while, but I’m back baby!

Work and life have been busy and I’ve been stuck in a creative rut that there was no need to subject you to!

The work situation is still up in the air due to our Game of Thrones situation – the Iron Throne is still vacant.  The court rumour mill has it while the seat of power is attractive the gold, or lack thereof is not enough to temp an heir into the citadel.

I’m riding it out and doing as much contingency planning as I can.  I like my job but I need to accept that nothing will change in the short term.  So, I’m putting on my big girl panties, sucking it up and getting over it.

I’ve put myself on the wagon wine wise to try and get fit – ok, lose some weight, my new undies don’t fit and I had delusions of grandeur that I could wear a white pencil skirt (to go with my rashly purchased fabulous jacket that matches NOTHING I own).  Until I tried it on that is.  Why is it that white only serves to highlight cellulite? I had a long and depressing talk with myself in the change rooms at Cue a couple of weeks ago while trying to convince myself that with a bit of spanks action I could get away with the sleek white look.  Fortunately for my bank balance the realist in me won, so I don’t have yet another expensive item in my wardrobe that I can’t wear.

Another reason for the temporary wine wagon is that I’ve been reading Sober Mummy’s blog (it’s fabulous, check it out) and some other blogs in the sober sphere and thought that it would be good for me to take a break.  While I don’t drink every day, when I do I drink way more than I should.  I don’t like the path that this habit could take me down so I’m taking action.

So that’s it for me for today.  I’ll be back soon I promise!