I Got It Right A 14

IMG_0107I’ve just come back from a week in my old home State where I’ve been catching up with old school mates, bio family and my “real” family and I’ve come to a realisation;  14 year old me made the right decision to leave where I grew up as soon as I could.

The week started simply enough, get on plane, light hearted Facebook banter with everyone I’m planning to see along the way, jump in hire car and take off for the country where the school mates and bio family are.

That’s where it got weird and I feel a bit conflicted about it, but strangely I’m not surprised.  You’d think after not seeing someone for 25 or so years you might ask them a bit about what they’ve been doing:  I sure did.  I wanted to know how ever one is; what they were doing and if they were happy (for the most part they are, which is great).  I listened to all the life journeys and caught up on the local gossip.  However I can safely say that not one person could tell you a thing about my life apart from where I live.

Now I understand that I’m not a sharer, never have been as my dear friend Super Sammie pointed out.   I know I never really fitted in there, but am I really so dull that they couldn’t ask a couple of questions?  Even my bio family don’t know what I do, mum asked me the name of the company I work for, I’ve only been there 8 years and it’s printed at the end of every email I send.  Sigh.

While it was great to see them and visit some old haunts, I couldn’t wait to get back to my real family;  Supper Sammie, Chatty Michelle and Diehard Di so I could relax and be myself again before I returned home to Crazy Cat Boy and the furry ones.

The moral of this story is ignore those people who tell you that you are too young to make important life decisions, sometimes regardless of your age you know what is right for you.

PS: Do you remember my cherry excitement, well it’s all gone pear shaped, birds ate them while I was away.  I’m devastated.   On the up side while I’ve been Instagraming their progress a local cherry grower has started following me, I’m going to buy some from them instead!

Help, My Thighs Have “Hail Damage”!


I stand before you (well, sit on my tubby arse before you) a 60 odd kg, cellulite sprinkled, pasty white, spotty armed Crazy Cat Lady who feels let down by her mirror.  How did this happen and how can I reverse it in three weeks?

Here is my day of woe began…

I’m working out of a client’s office today so this morning instead of just brushing my hair and pulling on jeans and a tee, I slapped on some makeup and slipped on a new dress, well, that was the plan.

The dress, purchased only 12 months ago does not fit properly.  Not only did it not “slip” as advertised, it actually “dragged” over the hip area and a very visible panty and waist line appeared where it shouldn’t have!

How did this happen (the can of Coke on my desk as I type might be a small give away)?  I thought I was still pretty fit: so I consulted the friendly mirror, the one in the ensuite, not the harsh reality mirror that lives in the main bathroom.

Gulp! The mirror has had a personality change and is throwing up some unwelcome sights under the glare of the double heat lamp.

Not only do my eyebrows need a decent pluck, but there are vast expanses of very white, very “hail damaged” thighs and buttocks that are a lot more wobbly than I’d like to admit.   Not only that, but my arms are spotty and have weird multiple tan lines from different length sleaves and bingo wings!  Bloody Nora!

However that’s not the biggest problem. In three weeks I’m catching up with friends that I haven’t seen since high school  (navigating the whole Facebook friend gauntlet reconnecting with them is a whole other post)and I want to look hot damn it!

So, I’m assessing my options:

  1. Take legal action against the designer of said “slip dress” for wrongful advertising
  2. Surgery – excessive?  Probably, but let’s not rule anything out
  3. Expensive “smoothing” creams and gels – see how desperate I’m becoming, I’m starting to want to believe the hype!
  4. Convert to any religion that needs me to cover head to toe loose clothes – extreme, maybe, but as a short term solution option, I’m game
  5. Spanks – ‘nuff said!
  6. More green stuff, less coke – probably a solid option for my overall health, but I loves me my coke 😉
  7. Less wine – see “more green” above!  LOL
  8. More moving – again see boring health stuff above
  9. Find the Kettle bell – by hook or by crook I’ll deflab these arms.

I know what you are thinking, I really only have one solid option, fake my own death, but I’d really like to catch up with them all so perhaps I’ll try the “health” option…. stay tuned dear reader, I’ll post updates on my painful progress!