It’s Been A While

I’m here, I promise!  It’s been a bit on the crazy side since I last checked in, she says tongue in cheek.  😉

Well, so much for my WOTY “Do”!  Everything that was on my do list is closed ATM. LOL

However, in this crazy time Crazy Cat Boy and I are ok.  He’s working from home in my office (ok, that’s getting old if I’m being honest – he’s loud and I’m fussy), but we are lucky to both still be working full time, something that could still change but I know both our companies are doing everything they can to keep it that way.

Uni is going well, I’m just about finished the last assignment of unit 2 and I’m pretty pleased with my results so far.  It’s lots of work but I’m learning and being challenged.

Being stuck at home is somewhat frustrating, but it’s for the greater good.  We were lucky that we naturally hold stock of essential items and I’ve been preserving our fruits and veggies, so plenty of staples to see us through any real crazy times.

What I’ve learnt from all this is that I really do need to take my WOTY serious… so many people are going stir crazy about isolation, but my world really hasn’t changed, and it needs to once we are out the other side of this.  I’ve become to isolated.  So out the other side of this more “DOING” for me!

The reality is that I’m incredibly lucky, I found my tribe when I was young and have been blessed to add a handful of amazing people to my life over the journey.  However, I don’t live near and experience the day to day with them, haven’t for 20 years.  I think this has become clearer to me over the past few months, as I’d fallen back into a nice rhythm where work took me Interstate, so that Super Sammie was pretty much a normal part of my social life again, and Cousin Wendy moved to my city so we were catching up often F2F for the first time in years as well.  Now it’s all stopped! Both are trapped on their side of State borders and so am I.

Mind you, I don’t think they have time to miss me at all, these women are phenomenal!  Super Sammie is supervising her 3 school aged kids, doing Zoom gym classes and running her blog. Cousin Wendy is trying to keep her hospitality business afloat on her own, while her partner is in my State trying to keep his new business open as well.  Crazy times, but these amazingly strong women will come out the other side of this with new skills and an increased determination to succeed.

Wow, that really was a rambling musing wasn’t it?  I think I better sign off now before it gets worse!  Stay healthy and happy good internet peeps.


rubber-stamp-1560308__480 (1)

OMG team, I had to share… just got my first assignment results back from my post grad journey and I PASSED!!


I was terrified I wouldn’t as I’ve never studied at this level before and was seriously beginning to think I wasn’t nearly as smart as I thought I was and that I’d be embarrassed in front of those people who knew I was studying.   But, I got a nice, solid, dependable high credit.  I would have been happy with a straight pass, but now I’m wondering if I have a distinction inside of me LOL.

That’s it for now, nothing much else to report.  Still not drinking, work ramping up, fitness still not quite there (I’ve discovered a strength issue with my right knee that needs work), but all is tracking along ok.

Stay happy and healthy all.

Ho Hum… 


I’ve got a problem; I don’t know what to blog about this week.  Sure, I’ve got a list of topics laid out that I can choose from but the issue is I don’t feel like writing about any of them.

Truth be told I feel a bit ho hum, motivation is a real issue at the moment.  This end of the year I should be making plans for the next, however with the client situation the way it is that’s not happening.

Did I tell you about our cherries? No? Right then we can talk about them… We finally have cherries!  I’m very excited, ridiculously so – let’s face it I’m telling you, a bunch of random (lovely, but random) people on the internet about them.

So why am I excited about the cherries?  Well, it’s a few things…

  1. I LOVE cherries, almost as much as I love brie and that’s saying something
  2. It’s something new; we’ve waited 7 years for them to grow on our tree
  3. They are a welcome distraction* from the currently screwy work situation

I think #3 is most important.  It’s a reminder to me that regardless of the current uncertainty at work (click here if you aren’t sure what I’m rambling about) that things can grow and develop despite the apparent stagnation.

They have also given me something to talk to… I’ve been outside encouraging the bees as they buzzed about pollinating the tree using very Monty Burns/Gollum esque language and hand gestures.  I should point out that my conscious mind is aware that calling a bee “my precious” and tenting my hands while saying “excellent” and inspecting a tree is not healthy, I promise to get out more.

So I’ll leave you with a picture of our cherries and the cheerful thought that no matter how nuts you think you are you can’t be as crazy as the 40 something marketing professional wandering around her back yard giving constructive feedback to bees!

 * I know that sounds odd but when you work from home being able to walk outside and see something actually progressing when you feel like you have been treading water for months is very reassuring and oddly calming.