The Christmas Insanity Has Begun!


Well, it’s on again for another year, Christmas!  And with that looming large comes the usual round of well meaning family insanity.

Let’s start with the first bit…

Every year Crazy Cat Boys family do a Kris Kingle.  You know, the angst inducing activity where you have to buy a gift for a family member you barely remember and have NO idea what their interests, hobbies or allergies are?  Yeah, that one.  So early in December someone takes it on themselves to send out the list.  Great, I’m buying for a 30 year old woman, I can manage that (Gift cards solve everything).  But wait, two weeks later a “revised” list comes from another family member (clearly she wasn’t happy with who “got” her so she’s shuffling the pack for a better outcome.  I’m now buying for a 60 something woman who I’ve actually met more than once – Score, but to bad if I’d already bought the other gift!

Now the part where my well meaning but with a tenuous grip on logic SIL who’s hosting Christmas lunch special planning skills kick in….

The list of who needs to bring what on the big day arrives.  Now I don’t know about you good internet peeps, but I’d ask the people who are driving from interstate over a couple of days and staying in a hotel to bring something non perishable…. crackers, nuts, dried fruit, chips, lollies, booze, 400 water balloons, whatever.  Nope, in the world where temperature does not exist and logic can be defied, I’m bringing , wait for it….


Yep, 900 km in a car is apparently doable*.  Sigh…

Hold on to your hats people, it’s going to be a long few weeks until Boxing Day – Wish me well!


* Yes, I know i can buy it there, but really, is it just me or is that poor planning?  I know what will happen as well, they have a very small house with one freezer and I’m tipping no room for ice cream for 29 people.