Temptations & Marketing Tricks

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Well, yesterday was 50 days, I’m officially half way through Belles 100 Day Challenge.

If you’d asked me yesterday morning on my cold and frosty walk I would have told you that I was contemplating making 100 days 365 days as my next “challenge”.  Then I totted off to the big smoke for an early dinner… it was a long weekend here in wine country so you leave early to avoid the banked up traffic.  This meant that I had time to kill before dinner with a friend before a cultured night at the Australian Ballet.  So I took a casual stroll around Southbank, past all the lovely restaurants with their French champagnes nestled in the window, lights glinting off polished flutes, adverts for elegant high teas, all accompanied with complimentary bubbles – the urge began to grow!    As a marketer I know all the tricks but these images were really pressing my buttons.  Surely I’m smarter than that? Mmm, I’m not so sure as my brain began it’s cycle of justification…

Perhaps 50 days is enough, that’s reason to celebrate right?  Oh damn, I drove in didn’t I?  Hmm, perhaps just one crisp, dry sparkling would be ok with dinner.  No one would ever know.  Well, not true, I’d know and be buggered if I’ll give up 50 days to start again!  Nope, I’ll just have to white knuckle it through to 100 days and celebrate with a good bottle.

Sigh, that’s not healthy thinking is it?  Really? No one is going to tell me different?  Doh!  Fine, I’ll soldier on with my big girl panties on.

I broke the news to my friend who I don’t see often and her response was “Wow, there is no way I could do that, I don’t think I could stop.”  She left it there and didn’t inquire as to why I was doing the challenge or how I felt from it, so I didn’t probe any further either.  If she asks I’ll come clean and say I wasn’t happy where I thought my current drinking patterns were taking me, but until then I’ll keep quiet.

In the end I had a Pepsi with dinner, enjoyed the ballet then drove home in my nice warm car instead of leaving it inconveniently and expensively parked in the CBD and catching the train home in the rain.  Sober has its undeniable advantages!

PS: In case you are wondering why I didn’t question my friend, we are getting reacquainted after a number of years of not spending any time together… school friendship that didn’t survive new lives, jobs and cities.

Cranky, Possibly Crazy…


The last week or so I’ve been in a mood,  cranky, irrational, snarky, no patience at all with anyone, a true joy to be around… Not!  Mind you, no one has been brave enough to complain but I know it in myself.

I’m mainlining chocolate, drinking Coke like it’s going out of fashion and kicking things that piss me off, like the garage door…. How dare he lock it when I knew I’d probably use it at some point this week???!  It’s like he’s deliberately provoking me!

(Poor Crazy Cat Boy has NO idea that I’m so pissed at the fact he secured our house against chance marauders, mind you if he’d been home he’d have worked it out! LOL)

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I even Googled “how to practice gratitude” and got narky because the articles were too long and it looked like a bit of work.    So I’m sitting here scowling at the screen, coz you know, I’m good like that, wondering if this post is adding value or just me killing time before my next interminable teleconference, where I’m going to get more pissed off because my service provider keeps changing exactly what it is their service actually provides.

So, what’s the thoughts good internet peeps, is it lack of sun, time of year (winter here), really late withdrawal or am I just an ungrateful crazy cow who’s allowing a couple of dodgy weeks to crank up the poor me’s?  Love your opinions, I’d just be careful how you phrase them!  LOL


PS: I think it’s day 43 with no booze, I’m starting to lose count.


1 Month No Booze!

Well, that’s one whole month down with no booze at all, a sober May for Crazy Cat Lady, who’d thunk it!

Sunday will be 40 days on Belle’s 100 Day challenge and I feel great.  I’m getting stuff done (well, I should be doing a sales prop right now, but I’ll get there), and feeling good about myself.

I hope everyone that is giving no booze a try is going well, and if you are only thinking about it, give it a crack, just try for a week and you’ll feel the difference.



Scared of the Dark?

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For the past, I don’t know how long Crazy Cat Boy has been reluctant to leave the house at night, don’t know why but it’s been slowly driving me insane… Pro Tip: Not drinking will make these things VERY clear to you!  😉

Perhaps he’s scared of the dark?  I dunno.

So we spend our Saturday nights flicking (well, him, flicking, I’m not allowed to use the remote apparently!) through the same crappy films that we didn’t want to watch last weekend… Not sure why he thinks there is going to be some seismic change in 7 days on Apple’s movie offering, is it a boy thing?

But being a good manager and problem solver I’ve found a short term solution… Movies.  In particular Deadpool 2, Solo, and the Incredibles 2 are showing in cinemas now.

The Saturday just gone I managed to lure him out of the house, convinced him that a 7.15 movie was fine, we wouldn’t be home to late and that dinner prior at the Mexican restaurant we’ve been meaning to go to would be a lovely night out.  Yes, I ordered dinner at 5.45 pm like I was on the first sitting of the seniors all you could eat buffet, but it’s baby steps and I can cope with that, at least I was out of the house on a Saturday night like a grown up!

So, who’s money’s on me building him up to an 8 pm movie that will allow me a dinner time that doesn’t involved me eating with families with very young children or people old enough to be my parents?  I’m thinking by the time we book our tickets for The Incredibles 2 we might make a time where when I was younger I’d start thinking about having a shower to get ready to go out at night!  Wish me luck.

PS: I’m now officially a third of the way through Belles 100 Day Challenge and I’m considering making this a semi permanent state of total sobriety.


Cats Are Great Weight Blankets


Over the past few weeks it’s started to get cold out here in wine country (great living choice when you are a bit of a lush right?), that combined with the lurgy I had the other week means that I’ve taken to doubling up a king size blanket and putting that over me at night.

Now I’d heard the theory that a weighted blanket can help you sleep better.  And after a couple of weeks,I’m kind of inclined to believe it’s true when combined with laying off the booze.  I’m sleeping better than I have in ages.  Mind you, I also gave up worry, that’s probably helping a bit as well, and I’ve taken some steps to fix the major issue that was keeping me up (more on that in another post, all I’ll say is not spending your days hungover makes you more proactive!)

Last night I didn’t use the doubled blanket, I used a cat instead.  It was cold and the girl cat decided that my chest needed to be stood on while she dribbled on my chin – restful right?  LOL.   Anyway as I drifted off to sleep with her deep purring vibrating through my body and a light stream of cat drool dripping of my chin I thought that life is pretty good, I’ve got nothing to complain about, and that she was doing a great job keeping me warm.

So, my advice is don’t waste your cash on a commercial weight blanket, get a cat and save the “pay rise” you’ve given yourself by quitting booze, your life will be better for it.

PS: If you are wondering, I’m now on day 28 of Belles 100 Day Challenge


Only 9 More Fridays To Go


That’s right, I survived another Friday night under Belles 100 Day Challenge!  Only 9 more to go.

It helped that the lurgy that I last blogged about lasted all week, no desire to do anything but blow my nose (TMI, sorry) and wait for my taste buds to return.

Ok, so I know it’s not healthy that I’m counting Fridays, but honestly I do so much better when I can measure a goal.  I’m doing alright, I promise.  I feel great and so focused, as you can see by me actually showing up to write here regularly ATM.

Crazy Cat Boy is away for work all this week and I’ll be on day 25 when he gets back Friday, the longest I’ve been without a drink in a few years I think.

Rough Night


We’ve all been there, waking at 3 am, head pounding, queasy stomach, sweating and badly dehydrated after weird dreams (I was in a kaleidoscope, which was not at all restful!), vaguely remember stumbling to bed the night before, wondering if there are any pills in the house that will make it all better.

The only thing missing from this scenario was the general feeling of guilt and disappointment that I usually feel after a night of drinking.  It took me a bit to work out in my disorientated state that, yes, I had indeed stumbled to bed the night before, but at 8.15 pm completely sober suffering from what I thought was a bout of hayfever that has turned out to be cold.

So I’m sick and I’m miserable but I’m still on track to complete Belle’s 100 Day Challenge, bring on day 16 where only hot lemon drinks are on the menu!


Pity Party & Sabotage


I’m now on day 8 of Belles 100 Day Challenge. I feel amazing but it’s not been all plain sailing.

Friday* nights are hard for me without booze.  Crazy Cat Boy and I traditionally kick off the shoes and zone out with a bottle (who’m I kidding – two bottles), watch crap TV and chat.  The first bottle is gone before dinner giving us a nice buzz and the right air of irresponsibility to crack on with the second, regardless of what Saturday is supposed to look like.

Last Friday I sulked, watered the garden and generally mooched around the house doing random tasks before slinking off to watch TV in a separate room all by myself and have a bit of a pity party… you see Saturday was my birthday and all week CCB had been making references to nice bottles of champagne with me correcting him about my “challenge”.  I think this is the first birthday I’ve done completely sober. I felt sorry for myself but I made it through.

I know CCB loves me but he’s also very good at subconsciously trying to sabotage me.  Saturday he pulled out the verjuice to cook dinner with but then went to the shop and came back with a bottle of white to cook with instead.  Now this was no ordinary we’ll chuck it in the slow cooked lamb wine, it was very nice, local drop that we quite enjoy.  The recipe only calls for 1/2 a cup and once he’d put it back in the fridge (that’s right, he bought a COLD  bottle to “cook” with!  Yeah right.) I deliberately hid it in the very back of the fridge (it’s on the bottom shelf if you are looking for it  😉  ) so it would be out of my line of sight.  That does help me, often if I cant see something I’ll forget it’s there.  I know he was disappointed that I didn’t crack and have a glass, but I’m feeling so much better for it.

I know that I can do this 100 days but I’m sure there’ll be a few more pity parties along the way.


*I’m telling myself only 11 more Fridays to go, counting them down helps right???!!