Why Can’t My Grout Be As Dry As I Am?

hair dryer

Sigh, damp grout in that damn ensuite shower AGAIN!   Mind you, if that’s my biggest  problem I’m doing ok  😉

So work’s still crazy, life here is trollying along, the girl cat is being adorable and very much in the way as I type this (typical, haven’t seen a cat all day, go to do something and there one is!) and my year booze free is coming to an end.  I’m seriously considering keeping life alcohol free.  I’ve gotten so much done this year, and come to understand a few truths (hard and otherwise) about myself and my life.  I must admit, never waking up feeling “off” or down right wishing I was dead has been very nice – think our household has used one pack of Panadol all year and we are wildly overstocked with my go to hangover prevention Vitamin B tablets (usually bought in bulk from Costco).

In a nutshell, I miss a good sparkling but I don’t miss the killer hangover (which I understand menopause will make worse)!   Not to mention the bucket load of money saved, or, rather spent on more productive things like the house and garden.

Regardless of where I land drinking wise, I’ve come along  way from that wildly hungover, irrational* morning last year where I threatened to sell the house and move over the leaking suite!  LOL

Right, I’m back off to move the hairdryer to another grout line. Wish me luck in getting and staying dry! Stay happy and healthy good internet peeps.

*And I don’t want to return to that state either.




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