Still Here

I’ve not dropped off the face of the planet (or off the wagon) I promise!

Been traveling  for work across this wide brown land – very brown at the moment, goodness Australia needs some rain.

156 days with no booze… it’s been a challenge picking out wines for the events I’m hosting…

1. I’m getting nostalgic for the lovely wines I won’t be drinking.

2. Turns out I’m kind of a tight arse when I won’t be drinking. Having trouble justifying spending my clients money on “the good stuff” when I don’t have a vested interest!  LOL

I’ve been fair though, my clients aren’t reduced to drinking the $5 bottles, I promise.  I’ve been choosing a good middle quality booze for them  🙂

Well, that’s my 5 minutes in between meetings, hope you are all happy and healthy.  Oh, and if anyone happened to visit the new Star Wars land at Disney that opened this week, I’d love to hear about it!

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