Longest Ever Booze Free

Well, it’s official, at 107 days today that’s 3 days longer than I’ve been booze free since my early 20s!

That’s pretty darn good, over 25% of my year off is completed and I’ve saved a bucket load of cash, my calm demeanor means I’ve not killed anyone at work*, my skin is good and I’m way fitter than I’ve been in a while.  All in all a pretty solid result.

No booze means that I know my experience last night was probably menopause related, not my body burning off toxins…  I spent the early hours of last night laying on the cool tiles in the lounge room trying to bring my core body temp down to a comfortable sleeping level while making up hot flush related words to the song “Summer Nights” from Grease as the girl cat circled wondering what the hell I was up to… perhaps I’ll record them one night while I’m being kept awake by my body turning on itself.  LOL

So, I’m a week out from turning 48, my second sober birthday in two years (I know, who’d have thunk it!) and while I’m clearly getting older, I’m feeling better than I have in years and know that I can face anything that comes at me.

Stay healthy and happy good peeps.

* Yet!  😉

6 thoughts on “Longest Ever Booze Free

  1. Congratulations! I see you’re doing belle’s 100 day challenges. Are you in conversation with her about new sober supports to get you headed to 200? In my experience (day 317 or something) sometimes supports get stale and it can be hard to feel what Sober [You] really wants…. different chapters, different supports and treats… Adrian

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    • Thanks Adrian, that’s great advice. This year is was brought on by doing Belle’s 100 day last year. I felt such clarity (and good health) that I was inspired to take it further. While I’m not actively engaged with Belle, I am looking at all options to support my aim. Great job on 300+, that’s amazing!


  2. sorry i’m a little late to the party to say congratulations!! this is a wonderful achievement, and i am jumping up and down with excitement for you… i know there’s more on this path to face, but you’ll do it…. 🙂

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