Trying for Serenity


I’m still here, crazy busy and will be until the next major event is done in mid November.

(They just seem to keep stacking up on top of one another!)

I’m tracking along ok, apart from too many balls in the air. I’m neglecting my fitness which is impacting my mood, so I’m trying for serenity in little bite sized pieces wherever I can get my hands on it.

Crazy Cat Boy started a new job where he doesn’t get to boss anyone around, so he has a tendency to try and boss me around instead, under the guise of “helping” mind you.  I don’t think he even knows he’s doing it, but it drives me nuts. I have to remember that “this to will pass” and he’s under a stack of pressure to make this new job work… it was a bit of a calculated risk in our industry, but it’ll fly in one way shape or form.  And when it does he’ll have staff to tell what to do instead of me!  LOL

Spring is working it’s magic here and we’ve planted out the tomatoes and the rest of the summer veggies so I’m looking forward to being able to walk into the back yard and pick my lunch again soon.

So that’s me in a nutshell, thanks for reading along, I know it’s a bit mundane, but realistically that’s my life. LOL

PS: after another month off the wine I had a couple of drinks with Super Sammie the other night while visiting her State.  They were nice, but it didn’t inspire me with a desire to do it again anytime soon, the wine that is, not the visit, that I enjoyed!  



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