60 Days

Well good Internet peeps today is  officially 60 days of Belles 100 Day Challenge for me!

It’s probably the longest I’ve gone since my (very) early twenties without a drink.  I have to say that I feel pretty good, “lighter” mentally, more focused and way less inclined to commit professional suicide by telling my uptight, upstart colleagues what they can do with their uninformed, scaredy arsed opinions… it’s been a long few weeks with some significant challenges, including me deciding that this marketing gig is for idiots and that I’d be happier as a Sheppard (sheep do as you tell them, why won’t everyone else? Control freak much? Who, moi?  LOL) and that’ll be my new career.

I’ve tackled what should have been private boozy dinners, some very long Friday nights, and most recently a professional dinner in this booze soaked industry.  I copped some good natured ribbing and “what the hell for’s” but no actual grief.  Like my friend from a few weekends ago there was disbelief that anyone would be able to do 1 week let alone 100 days.  Crazy Cat Boy was asked if I was torturing him, but he also didn’t drink at the function – he’s doing the challenge by default and I think he’s privately ok with it now.

Hmm, I had more to say but my pesky boss sent an email and I’ve lost my train of thought, so I’ll leave it here… bring on the next 40 days!




2 thoughts on “60 Days

  1. Huge huge congrats on 60 days (well 62 now) You have done amazing with all the functions, dinners and of course Friday nights. It must be loving having the support of your other half – so huge congrats to him too xx

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