Rough Night


We’ve all been there, waking at 3 am, head pounding, queasy stomach, sweating and badly dehydrated after weird dreams (I was in a kaleidoscope, which was not at all restful!), vaguely remember stumbling to bed the night before, wondering if there are any pills in the house that will make it all better.

The only thing missing from this scenario was the general feeling of guilt and disappointment that I usually feel after a night of drinking.  It took me a bit to work out in my disorientated state that, yes, I had indeed stumbled to bed the night before, but at 8.15 pm completely sober suffering from what I thought was a bout of hayfever that has turned out to be cold.

So I’m sick and I’m miserable but I’m still on track to complete Belle’s 100 Day Challenge, bring on day 16 where only hot lemon drinks are on the menu!



One thought on “Rough Night

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