Five Things I Learnt About Myself This Week

felafalOne, I like falafel, who’d have thought it!

How did I even put myself in a position to find out you ask? Well a couple of times a year Crazy Cat Boy and I host a drinks party for our random group of friends. One of them is vegetarian and I am always paranoid that we won’t have enough “stuff” that he’ll eat, so we always wind up with a stack of food left over, this time it was the “I’m too drunk to bother heating them up” falafels. In desperation I pan fried a few and had them for lunch on the Monday – not bad!

Two, I am no longer able to drink with impunity and sometimes vitamin B is not enough to save me from the consequences of my irresponsible actions. Queue a nasty, dizzy, unproductive Sunday and commitment that I won’t drink in October.

Three, I break no drinking promises to myself with amazing ease… see point two.

Four, even when my old cat tries to smother me in my sleep I am still capable of loving him.

Five, I’m very lucky. Even with the punishment that I put my body through with a bit of TLC it comes good and keeps going, mostly without bits falling off.

I think I need to pay more attention to number five as I’m sure that one day my body won’t be so accommodating. A couple of things recently have been sure signs that I need to treat myself better. I’ll share my “wellness journey” such as it is if I keep it up.

So, what did you learn about yourself this week?

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