Battle Stations!

It would need to be planned with military precision.  The troops would need to be briefed; a single mistimed word or action could sabotage the mission.  It would be vital not to spook the targets. One whiff of what was afoot and they’d go to ground and our mission timeline would be compromised.

Lying still in the cold dim light of dawn, nerves on edge but focused on the mission objective, we wait until the time is right to strike.

It’s cold, hopefully our targets will be less active, less alert, more inclined to be lured into drowsy complacency in their warm quarters.

The order to move is issued.  Calmly yet quickly the battalion goes to work. The plan requires the opposition to be cut off from all escape routes and flanked until they have nowhere to run.  Our troops have been through this before, seasoned campaigners who each know the roles they have to play in the operation.

Mission critical is to isolate the big guy first, he’s the most aggressive, he’ll put up a fight and marshal the others given the chance.  Once he is contained the rest will be easy.

The Capitan moves right in to a deliberate bottle neck, knowing that the big guy will follow and investigate.  The plan works… suddenly he realises what is going on and calls to his team, but it’s too late, their escape has been cut off!  They have nowhere to run, they must stand and fight.

The open battle field is chaos, with troops on both sides running and crying in the heat of the battle.  Our opponents are wily and cunning. This is their territory and they know every inch of it. The action is fast and desperate.

Suddenly, victory is ours!  All that can be heard are the angry, almost feral calls from the prisoners as their captors load them into the transport vehicle and move out.  The objective is complete.

Inside the transport our team congratulate themselves on the perfect execution of the battle plan and thank god that the cats only need vaccinations once a year!

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