Why Am I Doing This?

Good question, we are going to get along just fine!   I asked myself that very thing this morning when I decided to start a blog.

I guess it is to keep track of the random personal and professional thoughts that keep me up at night occasionally. It is also to keep me honest in my travels and triumphs with new technology and some goals in life.

So who is Crazy Cat Lady? Well, I’m an apparently middle aged professional who works in a male dominated industry with an amazingly diverse set of personalities that frustrate and delight me.  The really talented ones can do both at the same time.

I work for a small company and am lucky enough to work from home.  Most of the time it is just me and four cats until Crazy Cat Boy comes home from work and provides me with another human to speak to.  After nearly twenty years together, most of it spent working in the same industry sometimes we struggle to come up with more that “how was your day?” as we can’t chat work like most couples, it would be a conflict of interest. This is something we’ve had to deal with most of our relationship.  I think we muddle through ok most of the time, but more of that in later posts.

What can you expect if you decide to play along? A posting once a week, a few photos and I hope some information that helps you in some way.

Thanks for reading



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